Xhorse XM Series Toyota 4D 8A Smart Key PCB TOY-T XSTO00EN Universal Smart Key PCB For VVDI2/ Mini Key Tool/ Key Tool Max/VVDI Key Tool Plus

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Product Description

Xhorse TOY-T XSTO00EN Universal Smart Key PCB supports multiple board numbers/frequencies/models, supports both 4D and 8A series smart keys, and also compatibles with 40bit, 80bit,128bit, single frequency, dual-frequency.

Xhorse TOY-T XSTO00EN Universal Smart Key PCB

TOY.T Universal Smart Key Highlights:

Support 312MHz 315MHz 314MHz 433MHz.
Support renew and rewrite (re-generate) again
Require 200 points for the frist time. Rewrite does not require points. (You'll need 200 Points for the first-time generation. To get free Points you need to generate VVDI universal remotes.)
Compatible device: VVDI Key Tool Plus, VVDI2, Key Tool Max, Mini Key Tool
Compatible with 40bit , 80bit , 128bit, single frequency and dual frequency  

Note: please update Xhorse APP to V2.1.3 at least.
Xhorse APP Update V2.1.3
-MINI KEY TOOL->vehicle remote->Add XM smart key generation
-MINI KEY TOOL->Special Function ->Add XM smart key customization and toyota smart key frequency setting

Support version (board numbers): 0020 3370 6601 0111 2110 5290 0031 0310 0182 7930 A433 0030 3330 7980 F433 0010(-part) F430 0780 0140
315.12 312.50 433.92 314.35 314.00

Xhorse TOY.T Universal Smart Key

TOY.T Smart Key Supports board numbers:

Xhorse TOY.T Universal Smart Key supports board numbers

TOY.T Smart Key Supports frequencies:

Xhorse TOY.T Universal Smart Key supports frequencies

TOY.T Smart Key Supports models:

Xhorse TOY.T Universal Smart Key supports models

Package Includes:

1pc x Xhorse TOY-T XSTO00EN Universal Smart Key PCB

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Tech Support


Q: Is it for Toyota only? what about Lexus?
A: It is for both Toyota and Lexus.

Q: it has programmable ID?
A: Yes can change ID and frequency as you like.

Q: is XM key the old or new remote?
A: depends on the PCB code, check the xhorse App, all list is supported we tried on 2010-2013-2016-2018.

Q: There are only 315 frequency?
A: It has 312MHz 315MHz 314MHz 433MHz optional frequencies.

Q: How much is the XM smart key?
A: Per smart key PCB takes US$51.99 free shipping.

Q: Do regular universal prox not work with the Toyota prox systems?
A: No, you need special ones. There is a list using the XM smart key.

Q: Only mentioned xhorse key tool but no mentions of vvdi2 and mini key tool.  Can i use the XM key with vvdi2 and mini key tool?
A:  The Toyota XM smart key can be used with xhorse vvdi2key tool maxmini key tool and vvdi key tool plus.
Our engineer tested it with VVDI2,  2010-2015-2018 all working and proxy antenna is very good

Q: i have both mini key tool and vvdi2, the vvdi2 is for the transponder and the mini key tool is for the remote side of it?
A: mini key tool just to renew it and change frequency , generation is accurate and good via vvdi2.

Q: XSTO00CH TOY Toyota 8A Smart Key can be used on  toyota prius 2007-2014?
A: No, it cannot.

Q: Is there a car list of the Xhorse XM smart key?
A: Check list above or download xhorse app. There is red PROX icon in Toyota menu if the XM key is required. 

Q: Does it require points to generate?
A:  You will need 200 points for the first-time generation. To get free points you need to generate VVDI universal remotes. Rewrite does not require points.

Q: Supports rewrite?
A: Yes, it can be renewed and rewrite.

Q: Can it also work for Lexus LX570 year 2014?
A:  No, it cannot.

Q: Does it come with key shell?
A: No, only key PCB.