VVDI MB BGA Tool Benz Key Programmer FAQs

VVDI MB BGA Tool Benz Key Programmer FAQs
1.Q:Will VVDI MB Tool always need new keys to program?
A:It depends on your car model,some need new keys,some can program old keys.

2.Q:How to connect VVDI MB Tool for writting diagram function?can i use VVDI MB Tool to copy old ecu data to new ecu?
A:If it supports the function,it will show detailed steps.

3.Q:How many tokens does VVDI Benz include?
A:It does not include tokens.For password calculation token needs to purchase or if you have condor key cutting machine,get one time everyday.

4.Q:How to use VVDI MB Tool to read/write keys?
A:For different keys,the ways is different,you can use the nec adapter or by ir.

5.Q:How to use VVDI Benz to read data?
A:Usually,it can be read by OBD way.Sometimes,needs to read from EIS.

6.Q:Can i use VVDI MB TOOL to renew BGA keys?How can i get the key password?
A:You can get the password from EIS data and key data calculate online.But BGA key does not support renew at present.

7.Q:Will it support 2016 FBS3 keys?
A:No,it can not.

8.Q:How can i get the erase password for EIS?
A:It the EIS support renew,it will show the erase password.

9.Q:From the manual,it shows:Support renew EIS, make 2nd hand EIS to new one (online).What is the online meaning?
A:It means you need to use VVDI MB Tool with internet.

10.Q:How to check how may tokens do my VVDI Benz have?
A:Please start the vvdi benz software,and click "Password Calculation",it will display.

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