How to fix the error of Xhorse VVDI Audi BCM adapter R / W and Erase data?

Here collects some frequent questions and their solutions when using the BCM adapter with VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS or VVDI PROG

Situation 1:
It is normal to read the DATA1 data, but when reading the DATA2 data, an error is reported "unknown error: 130400.1" when the progress is 2% and says "the data is reading unsuccessfully".

After the error code 13040031 appears, do not operate at will, just check the wiring or the adapter for stable contact and the external power supply for stable, again try 1-2 times for data reading until succeed (don't read DATA1 again during this process, or don't try to unlock and try to install back to the car). After reading the data normally, there will be no other problems, just install back to the car.

Situation 2:
The DATA1 and DATA2 data reading are normally and the IMMO data and service mode data are generated normally, but an error is reported when the service mode data is written to 99%, after trying again, the system prompts that the erasure failed. And then try to read DATA1 again, it will not be able to read.

If you have the same problem that the data of DATA1 and DATA2 have been read successfully, and the service mode data is saved, then you can select the unlock option to unlock the CPU.

Until the system prompts that the unlock is successful.

At this time, select the service mode, then import and write the service data.

After the data is successfully written, you can install back to the Audi car, and the vehicle can work normally without any processing.